He has been an Artist in Residence in spring 2015, studying the particularity of the volcanic landscape, imprinted with traces of human presence in the natural and built environment.
With his photographs, Carlos Murad, tries to capture, the far side of landscapes and objects, to explore what lies behind the bright surface of things, to reveal the forgotten traces of people's lives. Fascinated by the contrast between light and darkness, between day and night, he interpretes in his own way the remnants of Easter rituals while listening through the rusted shell of fireworks from the Easter celebrations, the distant echo of the volcanic explosion.

Carlos Murad, is a Visual Artist, Professor at the University of Rio de Janeiro and author of the book Entreolhares, 2008, Ed. Sete Letras, Rio de Janeiro. He has displayed his photographs and videos in individual and group exhibitions around the world.

Carlos Murad


In Santorini, I have been fascinated by the mineral luminosity of the volcanic topography, and by the relationship between the stones of the buildings in the dense blue of the sky. The more I walked in the alleys and paths of Pyrgos, Akrotiri, Megalochori, Messaria and Thira, the more I was touched by the power of their landscapes. The wind that blows in the stones talks about the pleasure for the eyes delighted by the innumerable patterns of the landscapes. In these images, I aim to show the influence on the fleeting passersby of these sweet landscapes. In this adventure, the first step was to become blind to the millions of images that usually imprison Santorini in the cultural meanings of a touristic topography. I wish for a glimpse of the poetry of this island, and to find a lasting beauty in the enchantment of these landscapes.